As Project Manager or Owner Representative, Zumpano + Hanson creates a level playing field for the Owner. The project architect, engineers, consultants, constructor, vendors, governmental jurisdictions and even lender all have vastly greater construction project experience than the Owner, and each of them is seeing the project from their unique and narrow perspective. The Owner is the only party that is totally vested in the project, is the only source of capital to finance the project, and lives with the end product well after the warranty expires. In this regard, the Owner has the most to gain with a successful project, and the most to lose with a problem project.

As Project Manager and Owner Representative, we provide you with our experience and judgment, while providing the project with management oversight, structure, accountability, communication and monitoring that protects the Owner’s interests and supports the successful delivery of the project.

When a project is well planned, resourced and pro-actively managed, and when the Owner is well informed, educated and appropriately engaged, the project performance is greatly enhanced.

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